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Decision-Centric Computing

Optimal decisions at the moment of truth, at scale.

  • new customer origination
  • credit risk ratings and underwriting
  • portfolio management
  • fraud prevention
  • loss forecasting 
  • pricing optimization
  • regulatory compliance



End-to-end operating models, systems, and frameworks that achieve dual mandates of effectiveness and efficiency.

  • infrastructure and costs appropriate to the risk  
  • comprehensive strategy
  • clear risk appetite and  roadmaps
  • harmonized technology, data, and processes
  • clarity of governance, rights
  • risk transparency and forward-looking insights
  • technology as a strategic enabler
  • Smart use of third-parties and centers of excellence


Advanced Analytics & Data

Modern frameworks that enable effectiveness, speed to market, and clear lines to value creation.  The ability to exploit analytics with the latest machine learning and AI.

  • capitalization on abundant existing and alternative data
  • efficiencies drawn from unified data architecture
  • connected and context-aware client experiences
  • tooling that supports talent and continuous innovation
  • foundations for massive computing power capabilities
  • data monetization & sourcing


Our team’s expertise draws on a foundation of deep financial markets leadership experience, with our principals averaging over 20 years in nearly every area of global banking and specialty finance.   


Proven know-how in industry segments including retail, cards, mortgage, asset management, capital markets, commercial, SMB, private banking, FX, payments, and alternative lending.  

Risk Functions

Broad channel and functional expertise extends across all risk activities including risk strategy, credit risk, market risk, operational risk, cyber, fraud prevention, compliance, modeling, independent review, and risk management systems.

About Us

RiskThought is focused on making risk management effective.  We specialize in risk infrastructure technologies, analytics, data, processes, and services that drive innovation in the financial services marketplace. We create value by combining applied industry experience with advances in core technologies and best practices.  

Areas of focus include decision-centric computing, advanced analytics and data management, digital transformation, payment systems, risk management, and banking regulation.   

The firm primarily serves clients in the banking, specialty finance, and fintech sectors.  

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